4x4 Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels Direct are one of the UK’s premier suppliers of 4x4 alloy wheels and tyres – providing customers around the world with genuine wheels for the most popular off road and SUV vehicles.

To find the right wheels for your 4x4 just choose your vehicle make below:

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All of the 4x4 wheels we supply are genuine – these are wheels produced by or for vehicle manufacturers, whether it’s Mercedes, BMW or Audi. This ensures that we supply customers with products that are built to fit their vehicles perfectly and they are backed by the quality and safety standards that you would associate with leading car manufacturers.

Our range includes wheels for exclusive marques like Audi’s Q3, Q5 & Q7, the BMW X3 & X5 and Mercedes M Class, G Class, GLK Class and GL Clas vehicles. We offer the complete range of wheels from each car manufacturer to ensure that you have the widest choice.

4x4 Wheels - Improved Styling

Since the introduction of vehicles like the BMW X5, 4x4 vehicles have become increasingly popular, and there have been significant improvements to both the styling and range of alloy wheels available. Whilst deep-dish alloy wheels used to be more commonplace, the rise in popularity of 4x4’s has seen a transition to wheels which are much more similar in style to those seen on saloon cars.

BMW X5 Image

4x4 Upgrades

Customers often choose to change the style or size of the wheels on their 4x4’s either to enhance the exterior styling, improve the ride comfort or to improve the handling of their vehicle.

Customers looking to improve styling will typically upgrade the wheels on their 4x4. For example; many BMW X5, Audi Q7 and Mercedes M Class customers upgrade their wheels to 20, 21 or 22 inch models. If you need advice on which wheels and tyres to buy to improve comfort or handling, just ask.

We also supply a range of higher load rated tyres - these are essential for 4x4 vehicles whether you use your vehicle for mixed terrain, road, or dedicated off road. We have replacements, spares, and winter / summer tyre sets.

We sell 4x4 wheels in all seven size categories and take great care to ensure that the wheels we sell are approved for use on our customers vehicles.

When upgrading or changing the wheels on your four by four it is especially important that you choose genuine wheels rather than replicas. This is because of the increased stress and load on the wheels through the vehicles weight and the terrain. By choosing genuine wheels for Audi, BMW or Mercedes you are buying wheels that have been designed with much higher tolerances, that are much safer and have been designed and tested for your vehicle.

Buying from Us

By using our configurator above we can ensure that you choose the right wheels for your vehicle. If you aren’t too sure or need some advice please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call. We have the expert knowledge to tell you which wheels are best.