Cheap Alloy Wheels

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At Alloy Wheels Direct we work exceptionally hard to ensure that we’ve got the best priced wheels, tyres and accessories. This includes both individual items and our wheel and tyre packages.

We only stock and sell the best quality wheels sourced from original manufacturers, not cheap imitations or replicas. This means well engineered wheels built specifically by or for your car’s manufacturer and we sell to our customers safe in the knowledge that they are getting premium products at affordable prices. Our wheels also come backed by at least a 2 year warranty, certified for safety.

Our range includes competitively priced alloy wheels for top marques, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche.

Cheap Alloy Wheels – Beware of imitations

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We pride ourselves on only supplying wheels that are safe and original - we do not sell replica or imitation wheels from other manufacturers. Although you can find cheap alloy wheels from China and Asia on the internet these products are made from soft alloys and low grade materials. This means lower toughness and less safety, which is not what we want for our customers. Whilst these type of wheels may be cheap to buy – they’re often illegal to sell. It’s now illegal to sell, import or export alloy wheels and tyres which do not confirm to European Standards.

This is especially true of replica wheels for VW & Mercedes vans. These discount alloys come without warranty and are made from poor quality materials prone to cracking.

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Reputable UK and European alloy wheel manufacturers have responded to an influx of cheap alloy wheel imports by setting standards for safety. According to ETRTO (The European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation), and Road Safety Campaigners wheels and tyres are a major contributor to road safety.

Alloy Wheels Direct only supplies tyres that are REACH-compliant. Tyres that do not comply with EU Reach regulations on non Pah oil produced tyres are produced in China and often find their way into cheap alloy wheel and tyre packages.

Not Cheap, Just Competitive

We closely monitor and maintain the most competitive prices, working with our suppliers to bring you the cheapest prices we can for genuine products. We back all of our products with expert knowledge and customer service to ensure that our customers buy the right products for their vehicles, at the most affordable price.