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The Smart Car Wheel Fitment Chart is located at the bottom of this page.

Welcome to our wheel fitment guide for Smart alloy wheels. This is a table detailing the various alloy wheel sizes that are available to fit your vehicle, whether it is a Smart ForTwo, Smart ForFour or a Smart Roadster.

The data on this fitting chart is taken from trusted sources including standard factory wheel sizes (wheels that would have been available to order for your vehicle from new) and specialist performance tuning companies like Brabus, Team Dynamics and OZ Racing. These companies are trusted sources because they have well-established reputations and they have either released their own vehicles with these wheels sizes or thoroughly tested wheels with these dimensions to ensure the correct fit. Using this data allows you to safely add larger or small diameter wheels to your Smart car without compromising safety or handling.

Customers and enthusiasts usually refer to our fitment guide when buying new wheels for their Smart cars, and it is a manual way of identifying the wheel sizes and correct dimensions for wheels to fit your Smart car. In addition to this chart we also provide an easy web configurator, which will display a list of wheels and associated products for your specific vehicle. To use our configurator simply select 'Wheels for Smart' from the menu to the left followed by the model of Smart car that you own – you will then been presented with wheels that are the correct size for your Smart car.

You'll also notice that we have included tyre sizes on our fitting chart, which is useful for identifying the tyre sizes that you need to order when buying new tyres.

Smart Car Model Codes
As part of the Mercedes-Benz Group, Smart cars use the same model coding system as Mercedes vehicles. This is usually a letter followed by a number (e.g, Smart ForTwo C451). Your model code identifies the specific model for your Smart car and its generation.

If you are unsure what your Smart Car's model code is please take a look at our code list page, or drop us an email / call us for further support.

Smart Car Wheel & Tyre Sizes, and Wheel Offsets
You'll notice that our chart below includes an assortment of different sizes and measurements for each vehicle. This includes the wheel diameter in inches (e.g 16x6), the wheel offset in millimeters (e.g 32) and the tyre sizes. Some Smart cars allow larger wheels to be fitted to the back of the vehicle than those on the front, and this is also a feature of the performance tuned Smart ForTwo Brabus.

For a more detailed explanation of these measurements and what each means please take a look at our main fitting chart page.

If you need tyre pressure settings please take a look at our pressures page for Smart Cars.

car type front/front&rear rear only Approved by Notes
size offset tyre size offset tyre

ForFour (W454)

Click to see alloy wheels for the Smart ForFour (W454)
  14x5.5 46 175/65R14 Smart
  15x6 46 195/50R15 Smart
  16x6.5 46 205/45R16 Smart
  17x7 48 205/40R17 Smart
  17x7 48 205/40R17 17x8 48 225/35R17 Brabus

ForTwo (A/C450)

Click to see alloy wheels for the Smart ForTwo (A/C450)
  15x3.5 20.5 135/70R15 15x5.5 -1 175/55R15 Smart
  15x3.5 20.5 135/70R15 15x4 14 145/65R15 Smart
  15x4 27 145/65R15 15x5.5 -1 175/55R15 Smart
  15x5 34 175/55R15 15x6.5 -1 195/50R15 Smart
  15x5 34 175/55R15 15x6.5 -1 195/50R15 Brabus
  15x5 34 175/55R15 15x6.5 34 195/50R15 Smart
  16x5.5 30 175/50R16 16x6.5 -1 205/45R16 Smart
  16x5.5 30 175/50R16 16x6.5 -1 205/45R16 Brabus
  16x5.5 30 175/50R16 17x8 -15 225/35R17 Brabus
  16x6 32 195/40R16 16x7.5 32 215/35R16 Team Dynamics

ForTwo (A/C451)

Click to see alloy wheels for the Smart ForTwo (A/C451)
  15x4.5 23.5 155/60R15 15x5.5 22 175/55R15 Smart
  15x4.5 23.5 155/60R15 15x5 22 175/55R15 Brabus
  15x4.5 34 175/55R15 15x6.5 34.5 195/50R15 Smart
  15x5 34 175/55R15 15x6.5 34.5 195/50R15 Smart
  15x5.5 30 175/55R15 15x6.5 30 195/50R15 Oz Racing
  15x5.5 30 175/55R15 17x7.5 33 215/35R17 Brabus
  16x5.5 30 175/50R16 16x7 38.5 215/40R16 Brabus
  16x5.5 33.5 175/50R16 16x7 38.5 215/40R16 Smart
  16x6 32 195/45R16 16x7.5 32 215/40R16 Team Dynamics

ForTwo (A/C450)

Click to see alloy wheels for the Smart ForTwo (A/C450)
  16x6.5 24 195/40R16 16x7 -20 215/35R16 Smart

Roadster (C/R452)

Click to see alloy wheels for the Smart Roadster (C/R452)
  15x5 24 185/55R15 15x6 -20 185/55R15 Smart
  15x6 20 205/50R15 15x7 -15.5 205/50R15 Smart
  16x6.5 24 205/45R16 16x7 -20 205/45R16 Smart
  17x7 20 205/40R17 17x8 -15 225/35R17 Brabus
  18x7 20 215/35R18 18x8.5 -25 225/35R18 Brabus

Smart notes
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