How To Buy


Buying wheels from Alloy Wheels Direct couldn't be simpler. We accept a variety of payment methods including debit/credit card and bank transfer, and we offer fast and efficient worldwide delivery via UPS.

Ordering Wheels Using Our Web Configurator

Our web configurator is designed to make buying wheels even easier. It helps you identify wheels and tyres that will fit your specific vehicle alongside a range of options you can add to your order like accessories and fitting. The web configurator will only present products and accessories compatible with your car.

The first thing you need to do is to tell us the vehicle you're buying for:

  1. Click on your vehicle make beneath 'Shop by Car Make' from the menu on the left (e.g Wheels for Audi).
    Shop By Car Make Img
  2. Tell us your vehicle model from the drop down menu on the next page. If you aren't sure don't worry - you can also scroll down the page and look at the images to help identify your car.
    Shop By Car Model Img
  3. Browse our product selection: Click on the wheels that you would like to buy. This screen presents a list of wheels that will fit your vehicle. It's possible to narrow down the list of compatible wheels by selecting your preferred wheel size and/or wheel brand from the drop down menus at the top of this page, once you've done this click 'search' for the refined results and click on the wheels that you would like to buy.
    Choose Product Img
  4. Choose any options you would like to add to your order: This page gives you the product specification, product availability and a range of options like tyres, essential accessories, fitting and balancing.
    Select Options Img
    • Add Summer or Winter Tyres: Click on the appropriate drop down arrow, and select the tyres you'd like to buy from the same page.
    • Add Accessories: Click the tick box next to any accessories that you need (e.g bolt packs, dust caps etc).
    • Choose any Tyre Fitting and Balancing Options or Wheel Fit Options that you need. This allows you to arrange for new wheels and tyres to be fitted by ATS Euromaster Mobile.
  5. Choose your shipping location and quantities then click 'Add to Shopping Basket.'
    Shipping Img
  6. Check Out and Pay: To reach this screen click 'View Shopping Basket' on the small box that appears after step 5. Then enter your personal details and click 'Place Order' on the screen below. Finally you will be given the option to pay by card OR be provided with details for paying by bank transfer.
    Checkout Img