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Chris - Managing Director
Chris is the Managing Director of Alloy Wheels Direct and has been running the business since he founded it - this was after a chance meeting on the way back from Moscow, with a stranger who later became a good friend.

Born in Northampton, Chris studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering (BEng) at University College London and spent the first year of his life living near Silverstone. Chris is passionate about motor racing – 'the challenge to bring together all of the human and mechanical elements in order to triumph over others' and his ambition is to become involved in this in the future… and one day race around the streets of Monaco.

Chris' first car was a 1990 Mini Mayfair fitted with an array of low priced accessories and tuning mods (but unfortunately it kept the standard wheels). He is a big fan of Porsche and his ideal car is the Porsche 918 Spyder. When he's not working (which isn't very often) Chris can be found in the shower waiting for an epiphany or at the airport being told his bag is too heavy.

Chris' ambition is to grow Alloy Wheels Direct to become the biggest wheel retailer in Europe, and eventually the world!

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Alastair - Warehouse Manager
Alastair is our Warehouse Manager, occasional troubleshooter, and go-to guy. He is passionate about customer care and is known for never sitting down, helping people out, and good old-fashioned values.

Originally a chartered civil engineer, Alastair grew up in Lower Saxony, Germany and later Watford. He found that the culture within the construction industry had changed from when he first started his career in 1973 - so he decided to join the family business to explore his second greatest passion in life – cars.

Alastair has a knack for being able to mend and repair almost anything. When he isn't running our warehouse, neighbours in his local village are usually calling upon him to help with everything from looking after someone's animals to emergency plumbing. He enjoys spending his spare time making things in his workshop, taking long walks across Salisbury Plain, relaxing in the garden or, in the winter, beside a fire listening to classical music.

As a man of many talents Alastair won an award for winning a Ten Pin Bowling contest the first time he played. Other skills include kite flying, looking for bargains on eBay and listening to Radio 4.

Alastair's first set of wheels was a Lambretta TV175 and his first car was a red Berkeley T60. His dream car is the latest Porsche 911 GT3 – 30mpg and two year service intervals… perfect! He's currently accepting donations towards the fund.

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Radu - Web and Software Developer
Radu is our expert web and software developer, the programming brain behind the AWD website. He arrived at Alloy Wheels Direct when one man's continuing dream to offer premium car wheels, accessories and uncompromising service met another man's passion for programming. Radu is known for patience, persistence and for getting things done properly.

For Radu the line between his professional and personal life is often very thin. As a programming genius he is constantly reading, learning and perfecting his skills to further his abilities, which is what he lives for. On rare occasions he likes to share his genius with others, especially when he's discovered a new idea or concept that someone finds interesting.

Radu is often a man of few words, but does enjoy a good situational or observational conversation with a touch of psychoanalysis thrown in. He feels privileged to have found a role which is also his main interest and hobby. In a perfect world Radu likes to spend his time on a twisty b-road - in a less perfect world, trying to make it perfect, or when he gets lazy just reading a book or having a beer.

His first car was a Dacia 1310, which was a Renault 12 replica that went on to become its own brand. Once upon a time Radu used to praise Saabs, especially the first edition 900 Turbo. Their philosophy of multiple innovations over time, and their heritage from the aeronautical sector are what attracted him. He particularly likes their unconventional designs and their out of the box attitude.

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James - SEO, Content Creator and Web Strategist
James is our search engine optimisation consultant, content creator and web strategist all rolled into one. He comes from a strong technical background and is a very analytical and methodical thinker.

James studied Computing at University and spent 10 years working as an IT manager for an engineering company, before moving on to work with Internet technologies and the web.

In his spare time James is an advanced driver and spends a lot of time training to improve his road driving skills under the tuition of a police instructor. When he isn't thinking about cars and driving, James is focused on technology - the latest products and developments. He also enjoys wine, good food and going to the gym.

James' first car was a burgundy Ford Orion 1.6i Ghia. Like many first cars it had a number of mods and accessories that did little to improve its performance. Throughout its life it experienced a range of unexplained electrical problems, had a porous sump and in the end, sadly, the suspension collapsed. Since his boy racer days James has gone on to own a range of very reliable German cars, and his ideal car is now an Audi R8 V10 Coupe.

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Victoria - Purchasing Coordinator
Victoria is the Purchasing Coordinator at Alloy Wheels Direct and she joined us in 2012. She is terrific when it comes to administration and is known for being well-organised, super creative and a professional tea drinker.

Victoria has a background in motorsport and is an accomplished photographer. Before having her daughter she spent ten years involved in, and photographing, motorsport. She has had several of her photographs published in magazines, including the front cover of a magazine in Ireland. After growing up locally, Victoria lived in the Midlands for a while before returning to Oxfordshire.

When she isn't organising things at Alloy Wheels Direct she enjoys making a difference and giving back to her local community. She is currently involved with her local rugby club as a 2015 rugby world cup champion and can be found enjoying time with her family, pitch side at rugby, taking long walks or shopping in her spare time.

Her first car was a green VW Golf Mk2 with a little 1.4 engine which was fun to learn to drive in. Victoria has actually owned 4 cars in her time and yet she's still a learner driver. Her ideal car would be the latest Nissan GT-R or something like the new four series BMW.