20" Brabus Monoblock E Wheels £3164

Build your own package, with or without tyres
Wheel Specifications
  • Genuine Brabus Wheels
  • Finish: Silver | Polished Rim
  • 3 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Caps: centre caps are included with these wheels
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  • We supply all Brabus wheels with bolts and in the correct adapted offset in accordance with Brabus' technical recommendations. More than one tyre and offset combination is usually available - please contact us if you wish to discuss the options.
Front Wheels: 9Jx20 (p/n BRA E1090045)
Rear Wheels: 9.5Jx20 (p/n BRA E1095045)

Add Tyres
These tyres have been specially selected for the combination of these wheels on a Mercedes E Class S211 Estate

Select tyre type:

Normal (Summer)
No Tyres

Note: Tyre prices include fitting to the wheels and professional balancing.


FALKEN Azenis FK510
front: 245/30R20 90Y XL £109
rear: 295/25R20 95Y XL £139
Total: £495

FALKEN Azenis FK453
front: 245/30R20 90Y XL £111
rear: 295/25R20 95Y XL £142
Total: £506



CONTINENTAL Sport Contact 5P
front: 245/30R20 Z XL £110
rear: 295/25R20 Z XL £167
Total: £555

front: 245/30R20 90Y XL £131
rear: 295/25R20 95Y XL £205
Total: £670


Choose Mobile Fitting
Choose Accessories
The finishing touch for your new alloy wheels

LBX: High Security Locking Wheelbolts in Custom Size £38

Brabus Custom Paint Finish £792

Genuine Brabus Bootlid Badge £64

Genuine Brabus Round Valve Dust Cap Set £38

Genuine Brabus Solid Aluminium Monoblock Cap Set £145

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