19" AMG II Wheels £2508

Part number: B66020088 - A1404000902 and B66020089 - A1404001002

Wheel Specifications
Front Wheels: 8.5Jx19 ET46 (p/n B66020088 - A1404000902)
Rear Wheels: 9.5Jx19 ET46 (p/n B66020089 - A1404001002)

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These tyres have been specially selected for the combination of these wheels on a Mercedes S Class W140 Saloon

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Note: Tyre prices include fitting to the wheels and professional balancing.


KUMHO KU39 Ecsta
front: 255/40R19 100Y XL £100
rear: 285/35R19 103Y XL £109
Total: £418

FALKEN Azenis FK510
front: 255/40R19 100Y XL £135
rear: 285/35R19 103Y XL £96
Total: £463



front: 255/40R19 100Y £134
rear: 285/35R19 99Y £172
Total: £612

CONTINENTAL Sport Contact 5P
front: 255/40R19 100Y XL £154
rear: 285/35R19 103Y £166
Total: £640


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The finishing touch for your new alloy wheels

Bolt Pack 2: Rust Resistant Bolts (Qty 20)

Genuine AMG Centre Lock Design Caps - choose colour (Qty 4)

Genuine Mercedes Roadster Centre Caps - choose colour (Qty 4)

Genuine Mercedes Chrome Star Centre Caps - choose colour (Qty 4)

Genuine Mercedes Valve Dust Caps

Mercedes Alloy Wheel Cleaner

AMG bootlid badge (new style)

Genuine Mercedes Tyre Pressure Gauge

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