Bentley Centre Caps

Bentley Centre Caps

Alongside our comprehensive selection of original Bentley alloy wheels we are proud to bring you a range of genuine Bentley centre caps that can be added to your alloy wheel order or purchased on their own. Our centre caps come direct from Bentley and are engineered to the highest standard to ensure that they are both rust and corrosion resistant – designed to last for years. We don't sell copies or imitations, only OE (original equipment) parts that are like for like replacements and original parts.

Bentley Centre Cap

An essential accessory, centre caps protect your wheels from rust, corrosion and the elements and add a finishing touch to your alloys. They are easily fitted and can be installed and removed in minutes.

Uniquely crafted, the majority of Bentley's wheel centre caps are made of a number of different parts. For ease and convenience we sell these either as complete kits, or as individual parts. Our centre cap kits come fully assembled and include everything from the centre badge (B emblem), the chrome surround, carrier/housing and clips. We apply all bonding agent in advance to make installation easier for you.

Other Bentley wheels simply require a centre badge and bolt head covers or feature an extremely large centre cap section - so it's important to check your wheel type first. Examples of these are the 21" Bentley MDS Wheel and the 21" Bentley Classic. 

If you need advice or assistance in terms of size and fitting please contact us for help and support.

Centre badges are available in a number of different colours to suit your taste or to match your vehicle - whether you own a continental GT, Spur or Mulsanne.

Floating Bentley Centre Caps

In addition to their standard centre caps, both Bentley and Rolls Royce produce a number of unique self levelling (floating) centre caps for their alloy wheels. These self-righting wheel caps ensure that the Bentley 'B' symbol remains upright in the centre of the wheel at all times - even whilst the wheels are turning.

These are also available from us; please see the product descriptions to see which vehicles and wheels that they fit.