16+17" Smart Brabus Mono VII Wheels £1293

Build your own package, with or without tyres
Wheel Specifications
Front Wheels: 5.5Jx16 ET30 (p/n SBR A4514014302C53B)
Rear Wheels: 7.5Jx17 ET33 (p/n SBR A4514012602C53B)

Add Tyres
Unfortunately we do not have details of the required tyres in our database. The sizes required are:
Front: 175/50R16
Rear: 225/35R17

Please add a note in the shopping cart "car details" section that you require tyres and one our sales team will contact you.
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The finishing touch for your new alloy wheels

Smart Bolt Pack 1L: Rust Resistant Bolts and High Security Locking Wheelbolts £76

Smart Locking Bolt Set £48

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Genuine Smart Brabus Metal Centre Caps £111

Genuine Smart Brabus Silver B Centre Caps £50

Genuine Smart Logo Centre Caps £15

Genuine Smart Text Centre Caps £40

Smart Bolt Pack £42

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