Van Alloy Wheels

Choosing Alloy Wheels for your Van

Alloy Wheels Direct supply a broad range of genuine alloy wheels for a variety of different commercial vehicles. We supply a range of styles from factory standard through to designs that not only give your van an extra dimension, but also come with the reassurance that your wheels have the necessary strength to support your vehicles load capacity.

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To find alloys for your van just choose the make below:

Mercedes Van Wheels (inc. Sprinter, Vaneo & Vito models)

Load Rated Alloys

All of the Alloy wheels we sell for vans are load rated specifically for commercial use. It is important that only wheels with the correct load rating are fitted to a commercial van, so that they can accommodate the extra weight. They must also be approved for loads above your vans gross capacity. Unlike regular alloy wheels van alloys must be designed and built with higher capacity to ensure absolute safety.

Whilst it may be easy to pick up cheap imports from China and Asia they are often made with low grade material and to inferior specifications that are not safe to use.

Our Range

We can supply a wide range of Volkswagen Transporter T5 van wheels approved and tested for T26, T28, T30 and T32.

The VW Transporter is a vehicle with precision engineering and should always be fitted with VW transporter alloy wheels specifically approved for the vehicle.

We offer a range of Transit alloy wheels that will that will portray the professionalism and efficiency of you and your van and enhance the appearance and performance of your vehicle. Including VW T4 alloy wheels, T5 alloy wheels, VW transit van wheels, VW caddy alloy wheels, VW transporter T5 alloy wheels and Mercedes Sprinter alloy wheels in a range of sizes and designs.Van Image Image

Van Rated Tyres

Alongside our wheel range we also supply tyres to match. This means high load rated tyres, perfectly sized and matched to your vehicle. The performance and safety of your van depends not only on the strength and quality of the wheels, but also the rubber. By purchasing a wheel and tyre package from Alloy Wheels Direct you can be sure that you’ve got a perfect fit.

For professional expert advice on the correct van wheels & tyres for your van or for more information please contact us , we’re only too happy to help.