VW / Audi Alloys – New OE and Accessory Wheels

Chris    14 June 2021

It has been around 10 years since the launch of Audi wheels on our website. Since then it has not been updated.

Why? Well, the resources to make a good job of it were difficult to acquire. Things like technical documentation from Audi showing permissible wheel & tyre combinations and images allowing us to match part numbers to wheel designs were very hard to come by.

The situation has now changed and we hired an excellent new product catalogue curator, Benjamat, to handle the job.

We now have all original Audi OE alloy wheels listed for current production models and will start work next on updating previous generation cars.

Audi RS6

What type of wheels are there for Audi and other Volkswagen AG Brands?

Audi, and other Volkswagen AG brands distinguish between factory fitted wheels and those sold as accessories.

VW / Audi OE Factory Fit Wheels

Known in USA as stock wheels and in Germany as Serie wheels, these are alloys that are all at one point used in the assembly of new vehicles. The part numbers contain the numbers 601025 after the model identifier. They are supplied without centre cap and typically have higher retail prices than the equivalent sized accessory wheel. They are however made available for a greater number of years after a car ceases production.

Genuine Accessory Alloy wheels

Although these wheels may be offered when purchasing a new Audi, it would always be as a second wheel set. For example, the new car is supplied with Summer wheels and an extra set of accessory Winter wheels are offered. In a sense they satisfy the definition of aftermarket, since they are not used in the factory assembly of a new car. However, they are Genuine OE aftermarket accessory wheels. Here are the sub-categories:

Supplied from Audi complete with centre caps, these have the characters 07149 following the model code within the part number. The fitments cover wheels that can be used with both Summer and Winter tyres and are typically offered at a lower retail price than the same size wheel from the factory range. Interestingly, some wheels are identical in both design and dimensions to wheels from the factory range, but at a lower price point.

Genuine Accessory Steel wheels

These are a great idea to purchase instead of the factory wheel equivalent because for a similar price, these include the usually costly hub cap. Steel wheel hub caps cover the entire face of the wheel and now have attractive designs. A far cry from those often seen propped up against a wall having fallen off a wheel after an encouraging bend in the road.

VW Audi Accessory wheels with tyres

Containing 073 within the part number, these complete wheels are offered from Audi complete with a centre cap and a small range of Audi approved tyres. They represent great value and retail at prices less than the retail price sum of their constituent elements.


Audi retail pricing in Germany is set in January each year. Other markets set their pricing either as a factor of this, or sometimes at levels that seem quite arbitrary.

For 2021 there is considerable competitive advantage for us by purchasing in the German market and offering to UK and USA customers. Audi has a strong following in the UK and time will attest to the popularity of owners upgrading or replacing damaged wheels.

For those wanting a more individual aesthetic change, we will shortly be adding to the Audi OE wheel range with those offered by ABT Sportsline, Caractere and BBS.

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