Ready to Rumble: 10 Ways We’ll rock your Carniverse (and your main dealer won’t!)

Chris    17 December 2019

Wondering why you should trust us with your hard earned money over your local dealer? Let”s check it out..

1. We deliver to your door. This means that you won’t lose time commuting to and from the dealer. Everything is done from the comfort of your home. Delivery is with tracked and signed for UPS, meaning you will know in advance when your order will be delivered. And if you are worried about the wheels getting damaged in transit, not a chance! The special ISTA-certified packaging we use has been tested under the most demanding circumstances, including the box being dropped from a height. 

2. Everything we do is according to OE specifications. So you get peace of mind knowing your wheels have OE-specification weights and valves, just like the manufacturer intended them to. Why should you settle for anything less on your wheels? 

3. We use a variety of tyre dealers. This is the exact opposite of your main dealer, where a tyre wholesaler gives a man-plus-equipment to the dealer in exchange for exclusive supply of all tyres. It’s all done down to a cost, not up to a quality standard. With us it’s the opposite. Because we are not tied in to any one particular tyre supplier, for any given order we select the supplier based on our customer’s needs, not the bottom line to us.  

4. Our quality inspection protocols. Unlike what many main dealers do, prior to dispatching a wheel we inspect it carefully and reject it if it doesn’t meet our strict quality standards. So wheels with manufacturing imperfections, scratches or other defects are returned to the supplier, and we source another wheel for you. An immaculate one, because we know that you expect nothing but a perfect wheel, and that is all we will ever deliver. Say goodbye to your dealer and hello to peace of mind! 

5. Our tyre selection is immense, and covers every brand and every season. Basically if it’s available for sale on the market today we can supply it. So that means you can create any wheel/tyre combination you like. Even if you don’t see it on our website drop us an email and we will come back to you with a quote within hours.  

6. Immense wheel choice. Just like with tyres, we can supply all available OE rims on the market today, as well as selected aftermarket rims on request. If it’s still being made, we sell it! You can compare prices and styles from the comfort of your office or on your phone. So with us you don’t get annoying salespeople pushing one of a limited number of wheels that they have in stock and want to get rid of. 

7. We use all the tools and data resources in the wheel business. Being the wheel experts, we have developed the best systems and know-how over the years, and use the best programs and databases for answering your every wheel query. Typically your main dealers don’t know the tools and data they could have access to. They just look to see what was factory fitted and try to sell more of the same without investigating the highest value alternatives for the customer. 

8. Wheels are our business. Don’t ask us about engines or carburetors, but when it comes to wheels you can be sure we are the experts. This means that we have a massive advantage over your main dealer, who are forced to be jacks of all trades and end up being masters of none. We only sell wheels, and have a clear edge in knowledge and expertise. You wouldn’t believe some of the things are customers relay to us from their main dealers – over the years we have learned not to be surprised anymore! Whereas your local dealership will blag it, we will give you the correct answer, with certainty, backed up by the data. 

9. We have a reputation as being one of the longest serving online businesses in the wheels sector. This means that you have peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a well-established and highly respected family business, who are simply one of the best.  

10. Our customers love us. And we have no doubt that if you trust us to serve your wheel needs you will join our many thousands of existing customers who would not hesitate to recommend us. But don’t take our word for it: check out the TrustPilot reviews and ratings some of our customers have left us: