If you have been emailed a link to this page, please read the FAQ below which should help with your enquiry.

General Questions

Q: Where is your telephone number?
A: If you've got a technical question or you'd like an update on order please try emailing us first. We receive a huge volume of telephone inquiries and we often find we are able to respond more effectively to emails, which are logged, and give us time to go away and get the technical data or find out what has happened to your order first.

Q: Are your wheels genuine?
A: We only sell Genuine Original wheels. We have not sold, do not sell, and will not sell replica or copy wheels.

Q: How many wheels in a set?
A: Wheels are sold in sets of four. You may modify the quantities to suit your requirements in the shopping basket.

Q: Can I buy a single wheel or less than a full set?
A: Yes! Identify which wheel set contains the wheels you require, add them to the shopping basket and then modify the quantities within the shopping basket. The same method can be used to change tyre quantities to less than a full set.
The exceptions to this are:
a. Refurbished wheels, which can only be purchased in complete sets
b. Wheel sets that are sold under a single part number - please email us if you wish to purchase a single wheel that is shown on the website as being part of a wheel set.

Q: Do your prices include VAT?
A: Once you have selected your country using the listbox at the top of the page, the VAT switch will be set accordingly. You can manually change this if required, eg you have a VAT number issued in an EC member state other than UK or if you are otherwise entitled to VAT free purchasing.

Q: Are the wheels new?
A: Almost all the wheels we have for sale are brand new. We occasionally have refurbished wheels available. These will be shown on the site as "refurbished" in blue text, or "used" in red text. Be assured that all wheels shown as "new" in green text are BRAND NEW.

Q: Do you accept wheels in part exchange?
A: No. We recommend you use eBay to sell your previous set of wheels. To get the best price, we recommend taking the highest quality photos possible and set a realistic "buy-it-now" price rather than an auction. There are many delivery businesses offering transport of wheels to your buyer. These can be found by searching for "parcel delivery" on eBay.

Q: Do you fit wheel and tyres?
A: We now offer wheel and tyre fitting via our ATS Euromaster Mobile fitting service. You can select this option during check out and arrange for any wheels and tyres you order to be fitted either at your place of work or at home.

Q: What currency are the prices in?
A: We currently offer payment in three currencies, set according to the country you view our site from. GBP-£-Pounds Sterling, USD-US$-US Dollar, EUR-€-Euro. If you bank in a different currency, this site is helpful in calculating how much your purchases would be: www.oanda.com

Q: Do you refurbish wheels?
A: Some of our wheels are refurbished but at this time we do not offer a refurbishing service for customer's wheels.

Q: Do you have a shop where I can see the wheels?
A: We are mail order company and our warehouse does not operate as a shop. The details of all our wheels are on the website and include information and photographs to help your buying decision.

Q: Can I collect my order?
A: It is not possible to collect your order from us because your order ships from Germany.

Q: Are centre caps included with the wheels?
A: This depends on the wheel brand. Please read the details on the wheel page. If there is contradictory information please email us. We do sell centre caps seperately for Audi, BMW, Brabus, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche and Smart Cars.

Q: Are bolts included with the wheels?
A: This depends on the wheel brand:
Alpina - Original factory bolts are compatible
AMG - Mostly compatible with factory specification bolts. If Bolt Pack 4 is offered then it should be purchased with the wheels in order to fit them to your vehicle. Base model SLK with the 21mm bolts will require replacement bolts.
BMW - Original factory bolts are compatible
Brabus - Bolts are included in the adapter kits
Hartge - If original bolts are incompatible, replacements are provided in the adapter packs
Mansory - Original bolts are compatible
Mercedes Benz - Mostly compatible with factory specification bolts. If Bolt Pack 4 is offered then it should be purchased with the wheels in order to fit them to your vehicle. Base model SLK with the 21mm bolts will require replacement bolts.
MINI/JCW - Original bolts are compatible

Delivery Questions

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: We ship everywhere in the World via UPS. Please see our delivery information page

Q: How much does shipping cost?
A: Please select your country from the listbox in the top strip on each page. The delivery cost is calculated automatically.

Q: How long does it take to dispatch my order?
A: For orders containing wheels, your order will be dispatched in the timescales stated at the bottom of the wheel details page. The majority of orders containing only accessories are dispatched within 2 working days.

Q: How long does shipping take?
A: UK deliveries are usually delivered the day after dispatch. International transit times are here: UPS Transit Time Calculator

Q: Has my shipment been sent?
A: Once your shipment has been sent you will receive notification by email. If your goods have been specially ordered, they will be dispatched the day after they arrive with us.

Q: What is my tracking number?
A: Your parcel tracking number and website details will be emailed to you on the day of dispatch. The tracking numbers may take up to 24 hours before becoming active.

Q: Can you declare a low shipment value?
A: We are obliged to make accurate and complete customs declarations using the actual values of the products purchased. You can calculate the duty or tax that you may be liable for by using this site here: Duty Calculator

Aftersales Questions

Q: Where are the accessories I ordered with my wheels?
A: Please unpack all the parcels fully to check for your accessories. Quite often they are wrapped in bulkier packaging for protection - don't throw packaging away until it has been checked.