Kleemann Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd can supply the full range of Kleemann alloys for your Mercedes Benz.

Kleeman light alloy wheels are made from special aluminium to ensure the highest degree of function and structural rigidity. Kleemann alloy wheels are not only extremely light and functional, but also capable of withstanding maximum stress. Kleemann wheels are technology and design merged together to create a simple expression of personal taste combined with improved driving dynamics.

The TS-6 is one of the most desirable alloy wheels on the market. The patented design found its inspiration in the Kompressor screw, and gives great consideration to weight and function.
The unique shape of the TS-6 rim star augments the aerodynamics of the car as it exhausts the air from underneath while driving. In addition to reducing negative lift this also increases cooling of the brakes.

The TS-6 is CNC machined from one piece of saltwater resistant 6082 aluminium. The centre is furthermore painted with two layers of primer, two layers of paint and two layers of clear coat making the wheel very resistant to scratches and stone pitches.

Outer rims are made from rolled stainless steel (alloy with steel insert on 19") as the inner rimes are made from rolled, heat treated aluminium. This strong and resistant construction and the use of 6082 aluminium known from the aerospace industry ensure long life and durability.

As always with Kleemann wheels the TS-6 comes in a left and a right version and is available in sizes 8,5x19, 9,5x19, 10x19, 11x19 and 9x20, 9,5x20, 10x20 and 11x20 thus the wheel fits almost any car of the Mercedes-Benz model range except from the A-Class and the line up of commercial vehicles


The TS-7 is a seven spoke wheel characterized by Kleemann's unique design DNA. The sporty directional shape takes on the design concepts of the distinctive TS-6 wheel. Like the TS-6, the new wheel comes in a directional left and a right version; A design feature known from only the Kleemann TS-6 wheel and the alloys of the Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR.
The TS-7 is now available in 18 x 8.5". The perfect dimension for B, C and E-Class models as well as for commercial vehicles such as Vito and Vaneo. The new wheel is also available for the SLK and CLK-models.
Unlike the TS-6 the TS-7 is a one-piece cast wheel, making it significantly more affordable than the three piece TS-6.
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