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Hartge Wheels

Alloy Wheels Direct supplies a comprehensive range of genuine Hartge alloy wheels and accessories - available to buy on our site. All of our wheels are original; we do not supply replicas or imitations.

We sell Hartge alloys to fit much of BMW's range – this includes alloys for the BMW 1 series through to the X5 and BMW Z8. Many customers choose to add Hartge wheels to their BMWs either to improve appearance (i.e different size, or design) or to improve the handling of their cars.

About Hartge

Hartge are a vehicle tuning company that focus on improving and upgrading the performance and specification of standard model BMW, Range Rover and Mini cars. These include improvements in engine, handling, wheels and interior/exterior styling.

BMW Hartge

Originally formed in 1971 by Herbert Hartge the company's headquarters were based in Merzig, a small town of 10,000 people in the south west of Germany. As the company began to develop they moved to nearby Beckingen and this is where they are still based today. Hartge sell its products to customers worldwide through its network of authorised dealers.

The company pride themselves on their attention to detail and their thorough development and testing. They produce vehicles that not only have a hand crafted quality and high-end design, but also have the most outstanding performance. Transforming factory manufactured vehicles into super fast cars built for the road. Hartge's core philosophy is to build the largest possible BMW engines into the smallest possible cars to produce vehicles with exceptional performance gains.

Hartge Wheel Image

Unlike some other tuning companies Hartge are also extremely focused on the reliability of the vehicles and products they produce. Through the use of automatic engine test benches, usually used by large manufacturers, they are able to perform endurance tests on their engines, to ensure their absolute reliability.

Alongside their engine technology Hartge are also known for their interior and exterior styling, this includes uniquely designed alloy wheels like the Hartge Classic 2 and the Hartge Ultima.

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If you are unsure about the fit, tyres or any accessories that you need, please just ask. We have expert knowledge and experience to help you pick the right wheels.

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