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OZ Racing Alloy Wheels

We sell a broad range of OZ alloy wheels for a number of different car manufacturers, and we believe that OZ racing offer some of the most impressive, stylish and reliable products available on the market.

At Alloy Wheels Direct we like to focus on selling genuine alloy wheels to our customers, because we believe they deliver better quality, value and safety than replica or imitation wheels.

This means that the majority of the alloy wheels that we sell are OEM wheels. These are wheels made for major car manufacturers like BMW, Audi and Mercedes - used on their production lines and sold under their brand names. In reality these wheels are made by a small group of high quality manufacturers that have worked hard to produce outstanding products that have received this sought after status. OZ Racing is one such manufacturer, and as well as producing OEM wheels for Lamborghini, AMG, Hartge, Formula 1 and Le Mans, they also sell a range of high quality aftermarket wheels for other brands of vehicle. This includes Audi, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche and Smart.

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Because of the quality and superiority of OZ alloy wheels we are also happy to sell their aftermarket products. Unlike replica or imitation wheels, the aftermarket wheels that OZ Racing produce undergo the same rigorous manufacture, design and testing processes as the wheels that they produce for prestigious car manufacturers, which is why we are delighted to offer their products to you.

About OZ Racing

Oz Racing is an Italian company formed in 1971 with a passion for creating the world's finest wheels, and for the last 41 years they have been an iconic leader in the automotive industry.

OZ has played a key role in many racing successes -including Formula 1, Le Mans, Indy car and Rally. The Audi 2010 Le Mans Team used specially designed and engineered OZ Racing wheels when they raced to victory. In Formula 1 OZ Racing still design and build wheels for the Red Bull and Lotus Renault teams.

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Not only do OZ alloy wheels get designed and manufactured to the highest standards, they also get manufactured with an Italian eye for style and design. This means that they are able to produce some of the industries most stylish and impressive wheels.

Buying from us

By using the configurator at the top of this page, you can select your make and model of vehicle. You'll then be taken to a page that shows you which of our OZ racing alloys fit your vehicle. Simply select the wheels you like, and then you can choose to add tyres, fitting and other accessories.

If you need any advice on sizes and fitting, please just ask.

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