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We sell a variety of new and replacement Schrader TPMS sensors for vehicles. Our customers include the trade and consumers. Whether you have a vehicle with a faulty or broken Schrader sensor or you require tyre pressure sensors for a new set of wheels we can supply the vast majority of Schrader’s sensor range.

Schrader sensors are used on vehicles fitted with direct tyre pressure monitoring systems. Direct TPMS uses individual sensors to monitor the tyre pressure of each wheel and warns the driver when a tyre is deflating or flat. Each wheel has a sensor and valve stem that sends information to the vehicles on board computer, and in turn this provides the driver with either a warning or digital tyre pressure display.

All of our Schrader tyre pressure sensors are genuine products designed and produced by Schrader in the US. Schrader are OEM manufactures and suppliers to many top vehicle manufacturers. This means that their TPMS sensors have to meet some of the toughest quality and reliability standards and are installed on many new vehicles during production – their customers include Nissan, Citroën, Peugeot, Vauxhall and many others.

Schrader Tyre Pressure Sensors

Schrader Sensors

Schrader are a well-known US manufacturer of valves and electronic / mechanical systems for the automotive industry. The company was founded in 1844 by August Schrader who was a German immigrant living in New York. Schrader created the company to produce valves and fittings for life preservers, diving helmets and air pumps. During the late 1890’s Schrader also started to produce valves for bicycles and automobiles, and this became their primary focus.  

By the late 1990’s Schrader had grown to become an international business supplying valves and tyre technology to some of the world’s most respected vehicle manufacturers. In 1999 Schrader TPMS sensors were equipped to the Renault Laguna, which was the first high volume production vehicle to have TPMS tyre sensors on every car. Schrader have also been instrumental in the drive to make TPMS mandatory on vehicles and have helped raise awareness of the benefits of TPMS sensors – how they increase safety and reduce accidents.

Purchasing Schrader Sensors from Us
If you know the part number you need simply telephone or email us and we will generate an order and arrange delivery.

If you’re unsure which Schrader sensors are fitted to your vehicle, please contact us with your vehicle’s details and our technical team will help identify which sensors are installed, and supply replacements.


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