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We sell Schrader TPMS Service kits for Schrader’s range of TPMS valves. These kits are designed to service and replace seals & grommets within the valves and extend their life. As TPMS systems become more widely used, and in many cases mandatory, these service kits are becoming increasingly popular. 

Schrader Service kits should be used every time a tyre is replaced or the sensor valve is removed from the wheel. Using a service kit ensures that the valve seals correctly when it is reinstated and prevents the valve failing or air escaping. The use of service kits extends the life of the TPMS valve, and ensures that the valve itself doesn’t need replacing with every tyre change, which would otherwise be extremely costly.

Schraders sensor valves are installed on vehicles with direct TPMS. Schrader direct TPMS systems provide the vehicle’s computer with pressure information for each of the four wheels. Pressures are usually displayed on the vehicles dashboard, or a warning light illuminates when the pressure becomes too low.

Schrader Valve Service Kit Schrader’s Company History

Schrader have been making valves for the automotive industry since the early 1900’s. It was formed in 1944 by August Schrader in New York, and Schrader initially began by producing valves for diving apparatus and life preservers. It wasn’t until later that Schrader moved on to make valves for push-bikes and automobiles and as cars became more and more popular this became the company’s main focus.

For over 100 years Schrader has expanded and innovated to become a global business that design and develops valves and tyre technology for leading car manufacturers. As an OEM supplier Schrader works with manufacturers to design and develop tpms sensors and Schrader tpms service kits for these sensors. Schrader sensors were equipped to all Renault Lagunas from 1999, and this was one of the first high volume production vehicles to incorporate TPMS as standard. 

Schrader TPMS service kits

We stock a comprehensive range of TPMS valve service kits for the majority of Schraders TPMS sensors. All of our TPMS service kits are genuine products manufactured and produced by Schrader, USA. These kits allow you to replace tyres on vehicles fitted with Schrader sensors without replacing the complete TPMS valve stem assembly.

Our service kits replace the seals and grommets on the valve stem to ensure the integrity of the sensor valve. For safety, it is essential that a trained and competent technician with the correct tools install our valve service kits.

To order a service kit for your Schrader TPMS sensors please email or call us with the vehicle’s details. We supply both consumers and trade customers; including garages and fitting centres.


Schrader TPMS Valve Gen Delta
Schrader TPMS Valve Gen Delta
Schrader TPMS Valve for use with their Generation Delta sensors. This valve is the same as BMW Part 36106874842 and Mercedes-Benz part A0004001300 . Schrader part 5056.
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