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BBS Alloy Wheels

As one of the UK’s leading online alloy wheel suppliers to the consumer market, Alloy Wheels Direct work incredibly hard to build, develop and maintain their relationships with alloy wheel manufacturers, and this includes BBS wheels. We have a well-established reputation as a BBS supplier, and we stock and source a wide range of BBS alloys in many different sizes - from 17” through to 19”. This includes cast alloy wheels, flow formed, forged and 4x4 wheels.

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A wide range of vehicle manufactures including BMW, VW Audi, Mercedes and Porsche have long known BBS as an approved supplier. As an OEM manufacturer BBS design and build alloy wheels for leading car manufacturers and these are fitted to new vehicles and sold under the manufacturer’s brand name (rather than as BBS wheels). Gaining this type of supplier status requires a great deal of work, and only a select group of wheel manufacturers ever get this type of accreditation. It requires not only safety compliance and expert engineering but also compliance with the car manufacturer’s own regulation and certification processes – and this acts as a testament to BBS’ engineering capabilities and the quality of BBS alloys.

BBS Automotive design and make some of the industry’s most impressive wheels in both OEM and aftermarket applications and we are pleased to be able to offer their range of products to you.

About BBS Wheels

BBS Automotive Technology is a specialist alloy wheel company based in Schiltach in the south west of Germany. BBS design and manufacture some of the worlds most desirable alloy wheels. They are responsible for iconic wheels like those fitted to the 25th anniversary VW Golf.

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Two automotive specialists; Klaus Brand and Heinrich Baumgartner created BBS in 1970 and the BBS name is derived from the first letter of each of their surnames. The ‘S’, in BBS, is taken from Schiltach (the town in which the company was founded). When the company was originally formed it was created as a manufacturer of plastic automotive parts, but by 1972 Brand and Baumgartner had developed an idea to manufacture a new type of racing wheel, and the design that they developed was so successful that company’s focus swiftly changed to wheel design and manufacture. Through the 80’s success continued with the development of alloy wheels designed for the road (rather than track) and by the early 2000’s BBS had been a long established OEM supplier to many different vehicle manufacturers.

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If you would like to purchase BBS alloy wheels from us please give us a call or send us an email for further information. All of the BBS wheels we sell are supplied at competitive prices and you can also choose to have tyres and fitting added to your order.

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