Smart Brabus Alloy Wheels

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Smart Brabus Alloy Wheels

Whether you’ve got a regular Smart car or have a Smart Brabus, we sell a range of Brabus wheels to add a sportier feel to your Smart Car. These are genuine Brabus Alloy Wheels, not imitations or replicas.

The Smart ForTwo cars are able to take larger wheels on the rear of the car than on the front, and our smart alloy wheel packages reflect this. So as well as seeing sets of identically sized Brabus wheels you’ll also see packages like the Brabus 15”+17” Smart Brabus Mono VII – a set of four wheels consisting of two 15” wheels for the front of the car and two 17” wheels for the rear, this is the same configuration as the Brabus version of the Smart Car. 

We also supply and stock Brabus wheels to fit both the Smart Roadster and the Smart ForFour (four seater smart car) and you can choose from a variety of styles and sizes.

About Smart Brabus

Brabus are a specialist tuning company based in the south of Germany and they are well known for improving the performance and styling of smaller cars like the Smart Car to produce Brabus variants. Brabus have built a reputation based on squeezing the biggest possible engines into the smallest possible vehicles, to produce cars with exceptional performance gains.

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As well as improving engine performance Brabus also like to enhance and improve other aspects of the vehicles that they work on. This includes styling and handling improvements like sports suspension and improved exhaust systems, body trim, performance alloy wheels and interior styling.

In 2002 Brabus took the first generation of Smart ForTwo cars (the 450) and gave it the Brabus treatment; producing a vehicle not only with bigger wheels but also with a ramped up 3 cylinder engine, and performance exhaust.

With the release of the second generation of Smart ForTwo in 2007 (the 451) Brabus then decided to take an (arguably) more conservative approach to tuning. This time focusing on improvements to the exhaust, suspension, styling and topping the car off with a 15” front /17” rear alloy wheel configuration - available in both cabriolet and coupe versions.

Buying Your Smart Wheels From Us

Simply use our configurator at the top of the page, to choose the type and model of Smart Car that you own. You’ll then be taken to another page with all of the Brabus wheels available to fit your vehicle.

Once you’ve chosen wheels, you can then choose to select tyres and fitting – either at home or a work using our ATS Euromaster Service.

If you've got any queries or questions about fitting or accessories, just give us a call or send us an email.

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