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Smart Alloy Wheels

We sell alloy wheels for the complete range of Smart Cars. This includes the iconic Smart ForTwo coupe, the Smart ForTwo convertible, the Smart Roadster, and the Smart ForFour.

In addition to being small and economical, Smart cars look great when paired with a larger or more stylish set of alloy wheels. Many customers choose to change the wheels on their Smart cars either because their cars have steel wheels, or they simply want a different style or size. Changing the wheels on your car is a great way to give it a new look.

We sell all of the genuine OEM wheels for Smart, these are produced for Smart/Mercedes and are available as an option when you buy a new Smart Car. By purchasing these genuine wheels from us you get the convenience of being able to browse the entire wheel range online and the ability to add new tyres, and even arrange for fitting; either at home or at work using our ATS Euromaster Mobile Service.

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History of Smart

Smart was originally the brainchild of the watchmaker responsible for Swatch. A man named Nicolas Hayek headed the company, called SMH, and in the late 1980's Hayek believed that there was a gap in the car market that major car manufacturers were missing. His idea was to design and build an economical city car capable of carrying just two people. It would be a small engined car ideal for running around town.

Instead of entering the market and creating a new brand alone (directly competing with existing manufacturers) Hayek decided to try to sell the idea to one of the major brands. This approach reduced both the risk and cost of the project and in 1991 he reached an agreement with Volkswagen to design and build his concept. Unfortunately this agreement broke down several years later, and Hayek was left to approach other manufacturers. In spring 1994 he finally reached an agreement with Daimler-Benz (makers of the Mercedes) and the SMART brand was born.

The first smart car to be released was the Smart City Coupe, known as Smart ForTwo and was introduced in 1998. This is the design that most people associate with a Smart Car and since its release Smart has gone on to build not only a second generation of the vehicle, but other variants including an all electric version. Alongside Smart ForTwo Mercedes have also been instrumental in helping develop both a sports car under the Smart Brand (called the Smart Roadster) and the less successful Smart ForFour.

Ensuring the Correct Size and Fit

We sell Smart Car Alloys in a range of styles and sizes up to 17". This includes 6 Spoke, 9 Spoke and 12 Spoke wheels in a variety of finishes. Using our configurator at the top of the page, you can select your model of Smart car, and you'll then be given a list of wheel that will fit.

If you have any questions about fitting, style or accessories, just give us a call or send us an email.

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