OE TPMS Sensors

Original TPMS Sensors

As one of the UK's leading alloy wheel suppliers we sell OE TPMS Sensors for many brands of vehicle, including Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Porsche. Our customers include the trade and consumers. It's not uncommon for sensors to get damaged, or need replacement, and all of our OE sensors are original parts.
What are OE TPMS sensors and what does OE mean?

OE is short for original equipment. Our range of OE TPMS sensors are genuine parts branded with your vehicle manufacturers logo - they are the same parts that were used during manufacture. By using original equipment TPMS sensors rather than generic or aftermarket sensors you are using like-for-like replacement parts that will not affect your vehicles warranty.

The difference between OE TPMS sensors and OEM TPMS sensors is very slight; OE Sensors are produced on behalf of vehicle manufacturers and are branded only with the vehicle's logo. OEM sensors on the other hand, whilst usually identical, are branded with the vehicle logo AND the logo of the part manufacturer. Although there are many vehicle brands, there are only a handful of of specialist companies used to produce TPMS sensors and systems for these vehicles.

The primary advantage with using OE rather than OEM sensors is that they do not affect the vehicles warranty.

OE Sensors for BMW TPMS and Audi TPMS

We stock and sell OE TPMS sensors for both Audi and BMW. Our genuine sensors are sourced through our extensive supply network at the most competitive prices. By buying your BMW TPMS or Audi TPMS sensors from us you're getting competitively priced, genuine parts dispatched directly to your door.


Porsche TPMS and Mercedes TPMS Sensors

Alongside other vehicle manufacturers we sell a comprehensive range of OE sensors for Porsche and Mercedes TPMS systems. These sensors work with the vehicle's onboard computer to provide tyre pressure warnings and pressure levels.

Buying from Us

To buy OE tyre pressure sensors from us, please give us a call or email us with either the part number or the make and model of your vehicle. Our technical team can help you identify which parts you need and supply like-for-like replacements. We supply sensors for a broad range of vehicles and can usually source and supply parts for most cars.


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